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TI Health Delivers 158:1 ROI for Leading Multiple Myeloma Brand at the Point of Care

Leveraging the power of our MOSEE™ platform, TI Health engaged specific specialty providers at low and no see accounts on personal handheld devices with mobile display media.  The brand saw 197 new to brand starts during a six month flight, generating lifetime patient value of $24M or 158:1 ROI.

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TI Health Drives 29:1 ROI for Leading Oncology Brand in Follicular Lymphoma

DOCTRAX MATCH™ was focused on target list banner display media, with TI Health serving cross-device, safety and efficacy messaging, in support of a new launch brand. The promotion garnered $1.6M in incremental lifetime patient value or 29:1 ROI within just four months of campaign measurement. 

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 TI Health Generates 19% Script Lift For Leading Women’s Health Brand

Tapping into our hyper targeted ROOMrx™ platform, TI Health targeted likely menopause sufferers with branded mobile display media when targets were waiting to see providers at key OB/GYN and PCP waiting room locations. The ROOMrx initiative resulted in a 19% increase in script lift and a net increase of 153 new to brand starts over the course of just three months. 

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TI Health and Symphony Health

TI Health and Symphony Health Partner to Create Palpable Impact

Symphony Health™ and TI Health™ have partnered, bringing advanced targeting and non-personal promotion solutions into Symphony Health’s Media Division. The partnership will allow for digital and mobile ad engagement tied to Symphony Health analytics and insights from customer alerts and promotional trigger programs.

By leveraging TI Health’s best-in-class platform ad technology, Symphony can now offer digital and connected TV engagement to TI Health’s healthcare professional audience of more than 1.5 million as well as 50,000 point of care locations. In turn, TI Health™ can respond to Symphony fueled data signals in real-time, updating targets with customized messaging as often as weekly in a safe and privacy compliant manner.  Non-personal and consumer messaging can be directed to health care providers (HCPs) and likely sufferers matched by TI Health, carrying the right message, at the right location, on the right channel, at precisely the right time. “The addition of TI Health’s closed loop managed service creates greater scale and measurable impact for Symphony customers, for both consumer and professional media execution.” Says Karin Hayes, Senior Product Director.

Symphony’s healthcare data, advanced analytics, and machine learning along with TI Health’s engagement technology can be leveraged to build, deploy, and measure customized and time-sensitive omni-channel engagement programs, optimized with an eye towards script lift and new patient starts.

PM360 Article – April

The Quest for Quantifiable ROI and The Distraction of Digital Measurement – Article by Erin DeRuggiero

I’ve been working in pharma media long enough to remember the days when a click captured on an ad was enough to determine whether it was deemed viewable. Logic tells us, of course, that you can’t actually engage with media unless you see it first. Third-party measurement providers, intent on making money off measuring everything from viewability to audience quality, rarely come clean about their inability to capture a large percentage of the addressable universe…

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Real Time Telehealth CTTV

Real Time Telehealth Data Fuels Next Best Channel

A full year of COVID 19 has brought a multitude of changes to how we interact and seek care from healthcare professionals. As patients, we’ve been navigating the ever-changing world of lockdowns and restrictions to make sure we continue to stay on top of preventative care, as well as our most acute needs.

In some specialty areas, telehealth activity has dramatically increased. While Pediatrics, General Medicine, Elder Care and Internal Medicine have seen a large swing towards virtual visits; specialty providers in Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Endocrinology have not. TI Health harnesses these signals to determine a next best channel approach to non-personal promotion as well as patient engagement.

For more information about how telehealth data is used for point of care and connected TV, please visit our CTTV Targeting Solutions page:

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Win Back Professionals Switching Off Therapy with SWITCHBACK™

Every writer counts, which is why we’re tracking professionals who switch off one therapy in favor of another. With more than 40% of our audience adopting Telehealth visits since March 1st 2020, many specialty physicians are now opting for orals over infusions and injectable products, in order to keep immune compromised patients adhering at home.

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Learn how you can service your sidelined pharma sales reps with weekly “switcher” suggestions. TI Health has compiled professionals likely to switch, with line of therapy preference, in addition to NPI verified HCPs who have switched on or off therapy over the last six months.

Learn more about how SWITCHBACK™ can go to work for your brand or therapy downloading our 1-Sheet or contacting a rep for a custom proposal and examples of our script lift impact and new patient start studies.

DOCTRAX Lookback

Medical meetings have gone virtual – and with TI Health – so can your marketing message.

Since 2010, TI Health has served media to thousands of NPI verified healthcare professionals & decision makers, across more than two-hundred different medical meetings in the United States.

Download our PDF about TI Health LOOKBACK™

LOOKBACK™ will engage with HCPs in the specialty of your choice with digital banners, videos or connected TV promotion at the household level, who were previously targeted at a specific in-person medical meeting over the prior 12-months.

For more information about our LOOKBACK™ product and the meetings we’re previously targeted within: Oncology, Hematology, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Migraine, ADHD and Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Cardiology, OBGYN, Primary Care, Pediatrics and Asthma please connect with a TI Health sales representative at

Medisafe Press Release

TI Health and Medisafe Partner
to Extend 1st Party Patient
Targeting Solutions

NEW YORK, July 15, 2020. PRNewswire — Data-driven healthcare marketing leader TI Health has entered into a partnership with Medisafe, to further build out education and awareness opportunities for unique hand-raising patient targeting solutions for pharmaceutical companies. The Medisafe digital platform supports patients through their medication management journey with resources, tools and timely care interventions to overcome barriers and improve adherence.



The majority of medical meetings and congresses have been postponed or gone virtual in 2020. TI Health is now providing innovative, clinical surround-sound solutions to engage providers who would normally attend and participate in annual meetings, through custom curated “best of” virtual meeting newsletter content.

Clinical newsletters are curated by key opinion leaders in your disease state of choice, written as a peer-to-peer engagement strategy. Each clinical newsletter can carry your branded or unbranded banner assets, which will help keep your therapy top of mind with physicians seeking various treatment paths for their patients.

What is ePATH? 

Curated, key opinion leader content, containing the “best of” virtual meeting presentations and abstract from top media meetings and congresses in the US and EU. Content is served up in a clinical newsletter format to professionals by specialty.

Who do we send emails to? 

NPI verified HCPs in the meeting specialty, who have been targeted or attended prior meetings

How many emails are sent?  

We sent two emails, one right after the meeting ends and another the following week, each newsletter will contain unique content and subject lines  designed to engage in a peer-to-peer discussion about core topics of interest in the disease state you’re focused on.

Can the email contain a brand message?  

Yes. Each clinical newsletter offers 100% SOV and enables us to deploy clickable, static banner assets in traditional display and mobile ad sizes.   728×90, 300×250, 320 or 300×50.

What do you guarantee?  

Each program comes with guaranteed touchpoints (guarantees on total number of emails opened, clicks) over a 30-day window. Guarantees will vary based on size of meeting and list size (unique providers targeted)


*Ask us about exclusivity opportunities in your disease state*

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