The majority of medical meetings and congresses have been postponed or gone virtual in 2020. TI Health is now providing innovative, clinical surround-sound solutions to engage providers who would normally attend and participate in annual meetings, through custom curated “best of” virtual meeting newsletter content.

Clinical newsletters are curated by key opinion leaders in your disease state of choice, written as a peer-to-peer engagement strategy. Each clinical newsletter can carry your branded or unbranded banner assets, which will help keep your therapy top of mind with physicians seeking various treatment paths for their patients.

What is ePATH? 

Curated, key opinion leader content, containing the “best of” virtual meeting presentations and abstract from top media meetings and congresses in the US and EU. Content is served up in a clinical newsletter format to professionals by specialty.

Who do we send emails to? 

NPI verified HCPs in the meeting specialty, who have been targeted or attended prior meetings

How many emails are sent?  

We sent two emails, one right after the meeting ends and another the following week, each newsletter will contain unique content and subject lines  designed to engage in a peer-to-peer discussion about core topics of interest in the disease state you’re focused on.

Can the email contain a brand message?  

Yes. Each clinical newsletter offers 100% SOV and enables us to deploy clickable, static banner assets in traditional display and mobile ad sizes.   728×90, 300×250, 320 or 300×50.

What do you guarantee?  

Each program comes with guaranteed touchpoints (guarantees on total number of emails opened, clicks) over a 30-day window. Guarantees will vary based on size of meeting and list size (unique providers targeted)


*Ask us about exclusivity opportunities in your disease state*

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