Targeting HCPs on Mobile Devices at Specific POC Locations using MOSEE™.


Increase script writing behavior by responding to event driven alerts with mobile banner brand messaging through our MOSEE™ platform technology.

Increase time spent on site by delivering multiple custom creatives tied to the specific event trigger received.

Target low and no-see HCPs when they are using personal mobile devices within the proximity radius of point of care facilities.

Months of Duration for Measurement, Pre & Post Lift Analysis

Unique Locations Targeted

Unique HCPs Targeted

Million Impressions


Overall, more than 2x Industry Average


Growth of Average Time on Site

Script Lift:

Increased scripts written by 2X during our program promotion, outpacing the competitor claims
Time sensitive deployments based on diagnosis triggers had a positive impact on script lift, TI health was responding within 24 hours of receiving event data

Unique Visitors:

Grew average time on site by 50%. Increased unique visitors driven to the customer’s website to 450 per month vs 30 per month prior to our program launch.

Final Results – Rx Lift Projections:

BRAND trend from program launch shows directional increase in claims among targeted customers.

Key Takeaway:

Overall diagnosis claims remain steady, all competitor claims remain flat while BRAND X increases over the program period.

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